Tour Description

Day 1

Flight North. Langanes peninsula and river Lónsá.
Flight to Húsavík. A drive to Langanes (3 Std). In the afternoon and fishing on the Lónsá river.
Two nights at Ytra Lón farm hostel. Studio apartment.

Day 2

Fishing in the river Lónsá
We fish in the Lónsá river which runs close by the farmhostel Ytralón.
We have the choice to fish in the estuary of the river or up mountain. Here we can fish up to 7 pound sea going arctic char, sea trout and brown trout.

Day 3

River Lónsá
Third day in Lónsá.  By the end of the day an hour drive to to Guesthouse Hreiðrið in village Raufarhöfn. 5 nights stay.

Day 4

The watershed of Ytra-Deildarvatn lake
Fishing in the rivers flowing into Ytra-Deildarvatn lake.

Day 5

The watershed of Ytra-Deildarvatn lake
The second day south of Ytra-Deildarvatn.

Day 6

Lakes Rifsaedarvötn
Drive on a rough road to the Rifsaedarvötn lakes. Fishing in the creeks and lakes to the north, then turning south fishing a creek towards lake Ólafsvatn. Ending the day with a one hour hike back to car and a drive back to the guesthouse. Nature experience.

Day 7

River Hraunhafnará
We drive to the end of the peninsula Melrakkaslétta which is the northernmost area of Iceland. 1 hour walk by the lake Hraunhafnarvatn to the estuary of river Hraunhafnará where it flows into the lake. There we fish for brown trout and arctic char.

Day 8

Lake Skjálftavatn and river Litlaá.
On the way to Húsavík we will stop for half a day to fish in lake Skjálftavatn and the river for a big arctic char and trout. Chance of catching double figure fish.

Flight from Húsavík to Reykjavík.